Assignment Art Taken to Heart: Orange Food Day

The assignment:

oliverhaimson said...

For one day, only eat food that is one particular color. Document with photographs.
Bonus: On that day, only wear clothing of the same color.
(idea taken from Paul Auster and Sophie Calle)

This was more fun than I thought it would be. I tried some yummy foods that I would not have otherwise eaten.

Breakfast: An orange and two egg yolks. The yolk is my favourite part, anyway!

Lunch: Peppery hummus, baby carrots, and dried mangoes. This was such a tasty lunch, I'll probably have it again sometime. I ate all of the hummus, then looked at the label where it said, "25 servings". I felt quite glutton-like until I read that each serving had ten calories. I guess they are billing it as more of a condiment than a meal.

Snack: Orange sorbet and a slice of American cheese (sweet and salty).

Dinner: salmon and sweet potato slices.

Beer of the orange variety. Note the orange shirt, for bonus points.

Bedtime snack: orange slices.

I like orange. Orange is tasty.


  1. Great job! I am impressed. But, I hope you were able to get enough protein!

  2. I mean to use my Wordpress account to comment... sorry!