Light in the Loafers

This morning, when I went out to feed the sheep, I saw the Gentle Giant- our grand, white rooster- sitting on eggs. A rooster. Sitting on eggs.

I guess that explains why only one chic, ever, looked like it was sired by him?

We have a gay rooster.

I did not get a picture, unfortunately. No camera handy.

I do have this lovely portrait of another rooster of ours, Pokey:

Clearly, Pokey is not *light in the loafers. Look how regal!

* One of my favorite euphemisms. Makes no sense at all!

note: I've had some problems with blogger lately. The blog no longer looks as it should. Things are missing, like links to my favorite blogs. For a few hours one day, I could not even see any posts on here. No idea what the problem is.

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