Little Z lost her first tooth today! Tonight, the Tooth Fairy comes. The excitement is unimaginable. The Tooth Fairy is the perfect fairy, really. By the time you don't believe in fairies, you've stopped losing teeth.

I have some friends with two little girls who have invented the "Moon Fairy". The Moon Fairy comes during the full moon, and if you put your shoes outside the back door overnight at that time of month, the Moon Fairy will leave you a small present in your shoes.

I wonder if there have ever been any fairies who didn't quite work out.

* Belly Button Lint Fairy: collects the lint you leave under your pillow and leaves you a gift. Didn't work out because lint mixes in with the pillows.

* First Menstruation Fairy: Leaves pads under your pillow- didn't work out because they are too bulky.

* The Cleaning Fairy: Is not me, despite accusations and assumptions.


  1. I find it odd that she believes in the tooth fairy, when she was so skeptical of Santa Claus.

  2. She is over being skeptical of Santa Claus. All of her questions were answered.