Assignment Art

Yoko Ono, if memory serves, did a sort of art experiment (as she is known for) in which she told people what to do. I think that's pretty much it.

Since I aspire to be, in many ways, the opposite of Yoko Ono, I have a proposition: you tell me what to do, and I will do it. Make sure it is:

a. Doable within an hour.

b. Not

painful for anyone involved,


c. Something I could conceivably blog about.

Please leave your instructions in the comments.


  1. Read a (very) short story to little Z in reverse (back to front). Or, alternatively, read it forward but hold the book upside down.

  2. Sit on top of the barn and draw a picture of one of the animals below.

  3. For one day, only eat food that is one particular color. Document with photographs.
    Bonus: On that day, only wear clothing of the same color.
    (idea taken from Paul Auster and Sophie Calle)

  4. Dad, you're trying to kill me! It's cold and slippery and really really high up! But Cousin Oliver, I'm working on it. Just waiting for a good day.