The True Meaning of No Smoking

On the airplane to California, Little Z wanted to know what the "no smoking" sign on the plane meant.

There was a lot of time and not much to do, so I gave her a very lengthy history of smoking on planes. I covered how people used to smoke cigarettes everywhere, all the time, and then how there were smoking and nonsmoking sections, and then how Air France was pretty much the last to make smoking on all flights not okay, and how some people still snuck into the bathroom, their addiction was so great. I guess I wasn't really thinking about the fact that, in her sheltered life, Little Z has probably never seen anyone smoke a cigarette. She was listening very intently. It was noisy, though, what with the plane engines and the air and all the people on the plane. At the end she said she had a question.

"What, Sweety?"

"So you can't tell any secrets at all on the plane?"

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