Panoramic of San Francisco #2, #3, #4

Palace of Fine Arts. One of my favourite places as a child, probably because the Exploratorium was there. We took Little Z there this trip. It was the last day the Exploratorium was open at the Palace of Fine Arts. Its new home going to be bigger and better, and while it will still be in the city, I am very glad I visited it one last time in its (to my mind) proper home.

The Exploratorium, for those not in the know, is an interactive science museum. It is the best.

The architecture is unrelated to the purpose of the building. I haven't researched this at all, but I think it was built for a long ago world's fair. Why is it that, back when world travel was nearly impossible, there were world's fairs, but now that we have jet travel, there are no world's fairs?

In my collection of photos of my family, I have a picture of a great great aunt at this very location- but I can't find it today. Sadly.


  1. those are some really cool pictures

  2. You're really getting the hang of panoramic photography. What's next - 3D?

  3. I'll send glasses to all of my readers! You can see aliens with them, too, you know.