Assignment Art Taken to Heart

Assignment #1: Give loved ones a hug.


Assignment #2: "Read a (very) short story to little Z in reverse (back to front). Or, alternatively, read it forward but hold the book upside down

The book I read to her in reverse was this one:

[This is such an awful picture. It reminds me of people selling used underwear on ebay. I think it's the carpet.]
This book is actually just as funny backwards as forwards. It's by Mo Willems, Little Z's favourite author. (The first LMC trip in kindergarten, she went right up to the librarian and said, "Do you have any books by Mo Willems? That's my favourite author." That's my girl!) Anyway, it's about these friends, Piggie and Gerald, and Gerald is an elephant who knows how to throw a ball, and Piggie is his best friend who borrows the ball and throws it, and Piggie really has no idea how to throw a ball and he throws it behind him, and Gerald says, "Do you know what this means?" and Piggie says, "Yes! It means I threw the ball around the world!" which, as it turns out, is even funnier when you read it before he ever throws the ball.

Little Z thought this whole experience of reading a book backwards was so fun, that she wanted to do it again! We read each page with the words in the right order, but we read the pages backwards. So then we read this one:

But, this time, I actually read some parts with every single word in reverse order, which meant I came up with something like this:

"exception one with were they well, naked all are they. 3. mole bit little a are they. 2. rat bit little a are they. 1. things three know to need only you story this for but. Rats mole naked as known creatures little fascinating the about learn to much so is there. Willems Mo. Dressed Gets Rat Mole Naked."

That just put Little Z into hysterics, but then it was time for bed. She said,

"Next time, I want you to read like someone who doesn't know how to read at all!"

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  1. I'm so pleased the "assignment" was enjoyed by little Z! (and I hope you enjoyed it too, c_d) :o)