If you don't live in the Midwest, you don't understand, but I'll try to explain it: Football is like a religion here. These are my people:

And by, "my people", I mean the people I live alongside but do not comprehend in the slightest.

I like to wear a sweatshirt to the dumps, (a dress-down occasion,) but I didn't dare wear it today- because I realized at the last moment that my sweatshirt says, "San Francisco" across the chest, and the Packers are playing the 49ers tonight, and I didn't dare.

There was a news story on yesterday about these people who were rooting for the Niners, because, as they put it, "Family comes first," and they have a relative on the 49ers team. The assumption, of course, was that, if you were rooting for the 49ers, you had better have a damned good reason! Just the fact that this was a news story, it was just, of course, a given. If you are not rooting for the Packers, and you live in Wisconsin, you get a news story.

The fact that I'm an atheist is a little nonconformist, quirky, I keep it a little hush hush, but that fact that I don't care about football? I never admit that.

Don't tell!

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