Colorado Update

All of the family in Colorado is doing fine, but Great Uncle George had quite a close call. He lives in Longmont. He's 92 years old. Thursday morning, he decided to go visit the grocery store, even though he didn't really need anything. On the way home, the road was closed, so he went to look at the river. (You can see that this was where he went wrong, right away, but admit it, you would totally go look at the river, too, wouldn't you? Especially if you were 92 years old. It's a hundred year flood, after all. Once in a lifetime experience, right? The other thing is that he really didn't know it was going to be all that bad. Hindsight is golden.)

Sitting there in his car, watching the river rise, quite suddenly the water was up to the windows in his vehicle. Two men outside happened to see Uncle George there in his car, and they pulled him out, just before the car was carried away by the water, presumably never to be seen again.

I just want to attest to George's character, here: George is not rash, nor is he some reckless thrill seeker. That water must have been rising quickly.

Uncle George is staying with his daughter now, sans automobile. We're glad he's okay.

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