$20 bought you 12 beer samples and a German themed meal, as well as entertainment in the form of a horn based polka band, a Dachshund race, a petting zoo, axe throwing, and a keg toss.

The petting zoo turned out to be run by our neighbors. They had a donkey there, and I had a lot of questions about the donkey. Most of my questions really came from the twelve beer samples, eight of which I had already consumed by the time of this conversation. I also have a slight genuine interest in donkeys. I asked the guy if donkeys liked sheep, and he said,

"Oh, yeah. Especially this one. This one likes them in a mating kind of way, if you know what I mean."
"Yeah, actually, he just killed a sheep mating with it, yesterday. I don't know why that is. Something about when he's in heat. They're not usually like that, though. This one's weird."

Ah, country life. Such dynamic conversations we have.

And, they had this alpaca:

I hope the donkey doesn't like her.

The band (Madison Brass) was excellent.


  1. Keen! Keg throwing, how exotic. Wonder if those kegs are full or empty? And I expect that the axe throwing was at a target, right? I wouldn't want to be the target! :o)

  2. The kegs were definitely empty- you could hear them go "pink" or "dong" when they hit the ground.

    There was another thing there that I couldn't quite describe. It was I guess an obstacle course, but a silly one where you ran around the baseball diamond and hammered a nail into a piece of wood, and then you had to drink some more beer, and run around some more. Then you went and threw the keg and the axes some more. When BAH first suggested we go to this, I read the web site and said, "So, let me get this straight: You want to get drunk and throw axes? Okay. That sounds like fun!" In the end, I just watched it, which was enough. Maybe next year I'll be bolder.

  3. Just watching sounds good to me too.