We've had a lot of feedback about our honey, all of it positive! This is my favourite:

"please bring me another two pints next week. it has a very distinctive initial taste...I want so much to know what the taste came from...almost tastes like yarrow smells but that would not have been in bloom yet when they were collecting pollen...hmmm what do you or your bee friends think is the source? I think you should have an exotic name like meadow flower honey or something"

I agree about the flavour she is describing, but I had trouble putting it into words on my own. It makes all of the craziness of harvesting the honey that day worth while.

My sister Kathy took this picture:


  1. Man, that's either a humongous jar of honey or a trick of photographic perspective. Let us know if you figure out what the predominant source for its taste is.

  2. It's a half pint. :)

    As to the source, it must be a combination of things, because we have so much variety growing around here. There's probably ten or more acres of wildflowers around where we keep the bees, not to mention tons of black raspberry bushes. Right now, they're into the Goldenrod. I also have your usual bulbs in great quantities in the spring: jonquils, hyacinths, tulips, alliums and right now I have holihocks, which attract the hummingbirds. Also, we have thirty odd fruit trees. So, the honey has a unique flavour because...? Because it's unique place, I guess. Bee haven.