Sometimes, You Need Two Thermometers

So, why do I have two thermometers?

Until this morning, I only had one- the one on the right. It was freezing this morning (I literally found ice, due to our little micro-climate here in the valley, which always makes it colder, as if it weren't cold enough in Wisconsin,) and I noticed that the thermometer said it was sixty or so. It was clearly not sixty, so I opted to replace the thermometer with the spare one in the greenhouse. Except that, when I took the faulty thermometer off of the wall, I found this underneath:

A cute, fuzzy little bat! clinging to the side of the wall under the thermometer.

It took me a few minutes to realize that it was not a faulty thermometer, but rather a thermometer warmed by a fuzzy, warm blooded creature who lived inside of it. I carefully rehung the old thermometer over the bat, and mounted the other one beside it. Now we have a bat house on the right, and a true representation of the outdoor temperature on the left.

Later on, I showed Little Z the bat, took a picture of it for the blog, and once again replaced the thermometer on the wall.

They eat mosquitoes, you know.


  1. When I was a kid of eight or nine I caught a bat sleeping in a neighbor's garage and carried it home to show my mother. She wasn't pleased. I learned all about how they can carry rabies. My mom was fine with all kinds of animals, including snakes but she drew the line with the bat. :o)

  2. I washed my hands, afterwards. I hear they are dying off in places, those cute little bats, so I want to leave him be.

  3. Yeah, bats are cute, like mice, but I'll tell you, they've got some impressive fangs! The one I caught bared his and tried to bite my thumb but didn't have the jaw strength to puncture my skin. It felt like a feeble pinching sensation and when I saw the sharp white teeth I did a doubletake "Whoa!!" I adjusted my grip on him and hustled on home to show it off to my soon-to-be less than pleased mother.

  4. I'm not sure what I would say if Little Z brought a bat inside the house! I try to be open minded, but that actually might be where I draw the line. They are cute, though. I wonder if Bram Stoker's Dracula was inspired by those teeth?