Nobody is Watching You. Really.

Little Z was dancing to these videos on youtube that have a rating star system in the upper corner of the screen. It's just like the Wi dance games. She danced to the video, dancing just like they were, and said,

"Oh, man! I only got three stars!"

Then she danced to another one on youtube, and said,

"Yay! I got five stars! I danced really well that time!"

Don't watch this unless you're unclear about what I mean:

I told her,

"It can't see you. It's just a recording. It gives you the same rating, every time."

"No, it doesn't. Really? I don't believe you."

So she kept dancing and dancing and being either disappointed or delighted, depending on the number of stars in the pre-recorded video. She didn't even believe me when she left for awhile and came back, and still got five out of five stars! She couldn't believe she wasn't being rated on her dance moves.

Nobody is watching you. Nobody is judging your dance moves on a scale of one to five. You are free to dance as you will.


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