I'm a doctor, not a quack!

Today is my 80th half birthday. I have lived eighty half years, today. In lieu of gifts, please donate to Heifer International. They seem okay. Unless you really really want to send me a gift. Then I would like this.

I spent my eightieth half birthday chasing ducks, mostly. And now, we are watching all of the Star Trek movies, starting with the first: Star Trek, the Motion Picture. I'm pretty sure I have seen them all, but I am getting confused. This is unacceptable. I must see all of the Star Trek movies, in order, and get it all straight in my mind again!

This first Star Trek movie is great. William Shatner was so young then! He's actually good looking. It creeps me out a little.

I love how, in the beginning, they spend a full five minutes of screen time just looking at the beautiful Enterprise, which has apparently been re-modelled, 1979 style! Sort of like our house.

It's hard to watch this, now, without looking at George Takei in an entirely different light! Before George Takei "friended" me, DeForest Kelly was my favourite. "I'm a doctor, not a [Insert whatever you like here]!"

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  1. Deforest Kelly was always my favorite, too. But he's dead now, so I think we're both justified in having a new favorite. My new favorite Beatle is Ringo. :)