Home for Battered Chickens

Yes, I have started a home for battered chickens (and it's not in the deep frier with extra pepper). It's a place where hens who have been abused by roosters can go and just be with other hens. It's just for hens and chicks- no roosters allowed! Pokey was getting quite rough with some of them, and they've lost some feathers and are looking much the worse for wear. Now that Pokey is gone, however, there are still two other roosters to contend with, and a new pecking order to be established. I fear it may be too much stress for these little ladies.

I put the turkeys outside, so I realized I had an extra coop in the barn for these abused hens.

The white one on the left isn't really injured; she's just there for company. Chickens are flock birds, so they like having a few friends around. She's there for moral support, so to speak.

They've been there for two days and seem quite calm and peaceful. I was playing some Coletrane for them earlier, and one of them was clucking along in her own funky groove. The song was "My Favorite Things".

Music therapy for chickens. You know, whatever works. They laid two eggs.

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