Plant a Tree

A long, long time ago, somebody planted a sapling, and carefully protected it with a fence. The fence went all the way around, to keep the deer from eating the tree. It worked.

Now, decades later, the tree has grown out of its little fence, which is skin tight around its circumference like a little wire mini skirt.

And the tree is all grown up, now.

This is a good tree.

I have a question, though. Should we cut off the wire, or does it matter now?


  1. Gorgeous tree! My guess is that the tree is ok with the fence, maybe even gets a little nourishment from the metal. If you do decide to cut if off, make sure there's no poison ivy,

    Enjoyed your friend's post on changing passwords, and your comment too, haha. And again i can't post because i've logged out of another account, although i haven't a clue what that means as i am logged into blogger and all google accounts.

    Cool bat too!

  2. It probably doesn't matter anymore but I would sever the wires and then leave them in place for the visual history they provide.

  3. I guess I'll snap the lines in a few spots, but leave the fence there, still. I saw a lot of poison ivy. I'll steer clear of it- although I'm about 90 percent sure that I'm immune to poison ivy and poison oak. My husband tells me that could change at any time.

    That friend of mine with the fun blog post about passwords is actually my dad. :)