Obsesssions with the Superficial

I watched a movie last night called, "Antiviral". It was about a near future where people were even more obsessed with celebrities than they are now. People in this future are so obsessed that they actually take on the diseases of the famous to feel closer to them.

The main character is someone who works at a company that sells diseases of the famous and injects you with them. He's basically a salesman. I liked the main character because he had more freckles than I'd ever seen on a leading man. And he gave a great performance, actually.

The movie goes on to a logical conclusion that is really quite gruesome. I think I liked the movie a lot, but I don't know if I would recommend it to other people. If you like this sort of psychological horror film, then this is for you.

I used to have a recurring fantasy that I picked up Johnny Cash hitch-hiking. Why he was hitching, I'm not sure. I don't remember most of the fantasy, actually, it being a long time ago (before he was dead) but I do remember that, in the fantasy, I would never let on that I knew who Johnny Cash was. I think it is important in a famous person fantasy that, somehow, you are on equal footing with the famous. Maybe they see the truly great you whom no one else sees. They understand you like no one else. They understand that you belong with them, with the beautiful upper echelon. The two of you are then equals. And, you share something. Something intimate. A conversation on the highway. A kiss. Sex. A disease. Something.

That's pretty much what this movie is about, but taken to the extreme.

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