And Santa Will Get You...

Little Z would like a bunny rabbit for Christmas. She wants a bunny so badly, and she is so good at wanting a bunny, that she devised a plan: she would get a cage with food and water and everything, set it up on Christmas Eve, and Santa would put a bunny in the cage.

She saved her money for two or three years (seriously) and bought a cage. The cage is called, "Rabbit Home". She bought the water bottle, and the little food thing that clips to the side. We have it all set up in her room, now. There is even this funny thing at the store, which she hasn't bought yet but probably will, that is a little tiny hay feeder to put the Timothy Hay in for the bunny. It looks just like every other hay feeder, but it's super tiny!

So, you've got to emphasize the Santa myth a lot and make sure your kid is really good, right? So BAH tells her, tonight,

"If you're not good, Santa is going to bring you a yak instead of a bunny. And a yak is so big, it won't even fit in that bunny cage you got!"

"Yeah," I said. (Solidarity is important in parenting.) "If you're not good, Santa will bring you a yak! He'll just leave a yak in your bedroom!"

"Neat!" she said. "I would like that!"


  1. I read the first line so fast I thought it said "World War Z wants a bunny for Christmas." Thought that was funny.

  2. If she's marginally good, get her a long hair bunny and say that it's part yak.

  3. Funny comments! And a good idea about the part yak thing. I guess she's always marginally good and marginally naughty.