The Book: Prequel

When I first started driving, I needed someone to be sitting with me in order to drive well. It's difficult to say why, but when someone else was with me, I was a cautious driver. When I was alone, however, I might take a hairpin curve at sixty.

Writing is like that, too. If I write here, I try real hard and stuff. If I "write a book" which some fantasy person in the faraway future is going to read, it just doesn't turn out right. I've been writing the book I promised, and... it's blah. Yucky. It has its moments, and I'm not just going to scrap the whole thing, but still. Blah.

So, this is the new plan: you are going to be in the car with me. You are going to scream if I am approaching the corner at sixty. You are going to be the observer of my electrons, and by the very act of reading, you will affect the reality of my writing.

Every Monday, I will post a new chapter to the book, which I have yet to title. It is the mostly true story of a journey I took twenty years ago from Colorado to Pennsylvania, via Greyhound bus. As the crow flies, that's 1,680 miles (2,704 kilometers) by bus. I was young and naive and silly and I wore a big white coat (my Grace Kelly coat) the whole way.

Every Monday, I will post a new chapter.

If a Monday goes by when I do not post a chapter, you may flog me until I type out those words. Or maybe just send me a sweet little reminder.

I'm still unsure if I should include pictures. Today, though, I have one. This was the original title and cover picture:

but then I changed the content. And the title doesn't fit, anymore.


  1. I can't wait! I like that title too, it screams NPR book review in the making, which is certainly not a bad thing.

  2. Can't put it off: first comment: those Russians were pretty blase about winding up in the river!

    Now I'll read the rest of your post! :o)

  3. Second comment: Bit wait! Don't forget that YOU affect the reality of your writing! Who do you want to like it? If you don't...., then who?

    I may eat and/or retract my words as I read further (or is it 'farther'?) I hope I'm not 'screwing the pooch'...I'm working on my ___ glass of wine after dinner! Really.

  4. Third comment: looking forward to Monday; come on, let it all hang out. what have you got to lose? Have fun; you're more than what you do...and (go figure) WHAT you do...

    Cheerio, and feel free to COMPLETELY disregard this in-my-cups exhortation...or,"hey, just do it!" which you gonna do ennyways, uh huh. (uh hun stolen from Harry Shearer, whom I'v always admired)

  5. All of this makes me excited about writing.

    Yeah, Oroboros, that guy was so mellow! What in the world? (If you don't know what I'm talking about, click on the link for going sixty around a hairpin curve.) I wonder what he was saying? Was he talking on the phone? Was it cold as the water poured into the car? Was it a Volkswagen? (Volkswagens float, you know.)