The Rules for a Good Star Trek Movie, Old Style

As I continue watching the Star Trek movies, in order, one per weekend, I've started to notice a pattern.

First of all, let me mention that I have now completed movies one through six, which all feature the original cast, and only the original cast from the original TV series. I notice the next one will have some Next Generation characters, so this is probably a turning point in the movies. The best of the first six movies is Star Trek IV, the Voyage Home. The worst is the one right after that, Star Trek V, the Final Frontier, which was directed by William Shatner. So, the elements of a good Star Trek movie, thus far, are these:

1. Enterprise Worship: It must contain a long, drawn out shot of the Enterprise.

2. Mild mannered conflict between Spock and McCoy

3. A disobeying of orders from Star Fleet

4. Mechanical Failures

5. A triumph, against all odds, of emotion over logic

6. The friendship between Spock and Jim plays a central role

7. Either Jim or Spock makes a huge sacrifice and expects to die

8. Humor in the direst circumstances

I've noticed the more recent movies have left some old time fans disappointed, who say the new movies don't have the same spirit as the old ones. Maybe the new movies were missing a few of these elements? Hard core Trekkies, be sure and argue with me! I love arguing about Sci Fi. It's so much more fun than real life.

Spock, "did too much LDS in the sixties," says Captain Kirk.


  1. While I consider myself to be a hardcore Trekkie, I can't argue with you. You hit all the points. I would like to add only that an important element of a good Star Trek movie is saucy Uhura being saucy and Bones with a Manson Family beard. However, I could do without the Row Your Boat medley.
    I haven't seen the reboot and I walked out of Nemesis.

  2. Too much Latter Day Saints? (LDS)

  3. Yes. One of the funnier lines from Star Trek IV, the Voyage Home.