Comment of the day: I see you have a turkey there with them sheep...

We have a turkey out with the sheep. It's a long story.

The guys from up on the hill stopped by today. They were wondering if we had a Jacob ram we could loan them.

"No," and we talked for awhile.

"I noticed you've got a turkey out there with them sheep. Is that a Bourban Red?"


"Why is he out there? You couldn't catch him, or...?"

"I just needed a place to put him."

A few hours later- Ding dong! Doorbell rings again. It's another neighbour farmer, asking if I want to come up to his place and get some hay for the sheep.

"I noticed you've got a turkey out there," he says while loading the hay into the truck, later.

"Yeah. They crush the eggs, sometimes, when you leave the males and females together, so I put him out with the sheep. Now he thinks he's a sheep."

"Oh. I thought maybe you couldn't catch him or something."

"No, I could. I mean, I can't now. I mean, I could, but- Yeah."

You'd think people had never seen a heritage turkey living with primitive horned sheep before. People seem to have turkeys on the brain today. I can't imagine why!


  1. It's just...pure hell when I get turkey on the brain!! Every time, when it happens, and I'm making a killingly rational rebuttal to my opponent's lame argument it comes out "gobble-gobble". So humiliating!! It's like getting OLD, I swear!

  2. I've had Turkey on the brain. No, nevermind, that was Lebanon.