So, I was continuing my quest for old tax documents today, and came across this from 1998:

This was when I worked at Purgatory. Purgatory was a ski resort, just up the mountain from Durango, Colorado. Now, they call it "Durango Mountain Resort". Really? The river that runs through Durango is called "Las Animas" or "The River of Lost Souls," which, to my mind, means that Purgatory is, I mean, I just can't, I mean... WHY? WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU CHANGE THE NAME OF PURGATORY? WHY?

It was too cool, that's why.

So, to take stock:

1. Purgatory is now Durango Mountain Resort.

2. The Center for Inner Peace, where I got married, is now a Starbuck's.

3. USC Pueblo, where I got my teacher training, is now... I can't remember what they changed the name to.

Anyway, it's still kind of cool to have a name tag that says I work at a hotel in Purgatory, don't you think? Maybe I'll just start wearing it around. I'm sure it will impress the sheep.

Update: I was looking at the web site for Durango Mountain Resort, and they have added the "Purgatory" to the beginning, now. Well, okay. Better.


  1. It was just USC. You could trick people it was the other, better USC. Now you can't trick anyone with the new name.

  2. I too have a degree from there so can say that, BTW. :)