Best Craigslist Ad Ever

This is from YousuckatCraigslist, but it doesn't suck at all. It totally rules, as we used to say in 1988:

"Clown for Kicks
I am looking for someone to dress up like a Clown and hang out with me. I would cook you diner – or we could BBQ something. I’m interested in making my neighbor lady wonder. I have already had a man in a panda costume last month – and also had a heard of sheep come in for the day to cut the grass. (sheep do a good job by the way). A clown would be something.
Maybe you could bring some balloons – or make balloon animals to hang in my tree. I’d like to have this done some evening between 6pm and dark. The longer you can stay the better (like if you could stay for the whole 3 hours). Do you have any tricks you could do?
Like I said – I could cook diner and get you drunk – I’d even be willing to pay your cab fare to and from. I don’t have much to offer – and my neighbor lady is driving me nuts – so I want to drive her nuts. If you had a Mime friend – it would be cool to see you two chase each other around the yard or do relay races while I time you.
Let me know your thoughts
– open to Men and Women Clowns."

I especially liked the bit about the sheep.


  1. I saw this too and had to read it out loud to my husband who remarked, "but that doesn't suck at all!"
    If that had been in my area I would have totally signed on as the mime. I haven't worked my mad mime skills since high school acting class.

  2. Yeah, hiring clowns and mimes to hang around your house and confuse your neighbor is a classic revenge tactic!

    I read a Craiglist ad recently in the childcare section. It was someone looking for a nanny job and her best quality according to her was that she didn't smell bad like old nannies do.

  3. I think the ad should have been for an angry clown.
    Drunk and angry.
    THAT will make the neighborlady wonder.