Eccentricities: Little Z

She likes to wear this dog costume instead of a coat. That sort of devil-may-care fashion statement reminds me of this woman Grandma Ruth knew, who wore wigs like hats. She had several and wore a different one every day.

It also reminds me of The Flaming Lips.

My little rock star.

Someday, I'll say to her,

"When you were little, you wore a doggy suit as regular clothes, sort of like a coat."

And what will she say?


  1. I think she has the right idea. Costumes are better than normal clothes.

  2. I think she'll still be wearing one.

  3. I want a doggy suit! Preferably Shih Tzu.

  4. better take her to the vet...

  5. Reminds me of when my youngest brother would not take off his moon boots and wore them straight through summer. At least the dog suit won't lead to horribly chapped feet.