Other People's Stories, Part 1 of ?: "I love how 'come' feels in my mouth."

I think a lot about other people's lives, and how they got to be where they are, what made them who they are, those little moments that seem, somehow, pivotal. I will now, off and on, spend some time relating some of my favorites of other people's stories.

My friend J. related a story to me as to how she met her husband. She was at a party in college, and she was talking with someone about favorite words,

"I love the word 'come'. I love how 'come' feels in my mouth." (It may or may not be significant to note here that J. was studying to be a speech therapist.)

Right as she said that second bit, there had been one of those sort of pauses in conversation when the room is quiet, all but one voice, her own, right as she said,

"I love how 'come' feels in my mouth." I imagine her pronouncing "come" very carefully, as though to accent the quotation marks in her speech.

J. suddenly found herself to be very popular with the opposite sex. I imagine that the man who was later to become her husband was only sticking around to protect her from the scumbags, right? At least, to look at him without blushing too much, that is how I imagine it.


  1. They should have put that in The Rules.

  2. oh my goodness, this cracked me up!

    as far as favorite words go, mine has always been "lettuce." something about the way it looks/sounds/feels is just so satisfying to me.

  3. My word is aluminum. Or is it cinnamon?

  4. Oh, my Gosh, that's so funny! I will be more careful about the way I say I like the word "round"!

    Adam (mrelife.blogspot.com)

  5. Actually, Adam, it was your comment on my first blog entry, about the word "round", that reminded me of this story in the first place.

    It varies, but today, if I were to go with a word that I like the feel of, I would go with "blubber". Of course, if I should say, "I like how blubber feels in my mouth," I might end up with some fairly obese suitors. Either that, or they might exchange some Inuit recipes with me.

  6. My favorite word, visually and aurally, has always been "platypus." Not so embarrasing, that.