Ethnic Doll Clothes

There's this shop in town that specializes in ethnic doll clothes. It's in a very expensive part of town. I tried to take a picture of it while I was walking by, but it didn't turn out so hot:

I'm just posting it so you believe me it exists. I can barely believe it exists. It seems like the most tragically doomed business idea I can think of. In all my *400-plus years of living, I have never, never once heard someone say,

"You know what I'd really like? I'd like some hand-woven ethnic doll clothes that fit my American Girl doll."

I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but it's just unlikely.

And yet, there they are. In business. Either it's a front for a drug cartel, or I'm just plain wrong.

*within an order of magnitude


  1. I think it's rather lovely. I would have killed for a Barbie in a Bata de Cola.

  2. I was tickled to be able to buy a dress just like the one you have pictured yesterday, at a language teachers' conference. It cost $20.

    You can learn about the program that's making them available at: I particularly love the part that says: "The Chica Nica Doll Dresses program allows women to stay in their community, learn a skill, earn an income, and live with dignity."

    You can buy a mass-produced fiesta dress on the American Girl website for $28. I'll take this lovely hand-embroidered one any time!

    Best wishes to that store with a conscience!

  3. P.S. There were other styles of dresses there as well, and they were "going like hotcakes."

  4. Thanks for sharing! Apparently, I AM just plain wrong. And that's cool, actually.