Stovepipes gone wild

Buying this farm has been a little stressing lately. (That's what Swedish people say a lot when they speak English, "It was stressing". It makes more sense if you think in Swedish. Incidentally, the Swedish Chef in the Muppet Show only ever said two real words in Swedish- one was "kyckling" [pronounced, "shickling,"] which means "chicken," and I forget the other one.)

Well, anywho, the reason it's been a bit stressing is that the farm is very old, probably 100+ years old, and it has some quirky things about it that are, frankly, kind of cool, but not technically "up to code". The biggest headache has been the stovepipe well. Out in the country, you obtain your own water, of course, by drilling a well, and this one was drilled around 1940's when metal was scarce, so they used a stovepipe to line it. So cool and practical and so totally not up to code and not okay with building inspectors, insurers, and those official types of people who wear suits to work and such.

Ah, me. That's just one thing. I won't bore you with the rest. A new well might be drilled, however, just for us to buy the place.

The old well is actually across the street from the house, and so is the faucet to water the garden, so I guess the sellers currently just run a hose across the road to reach the garden, the road is so scarcely traversed. Country living is different.

Here is the Swedish Chef. See if you can catch him saying "kyckling" (sounds like shickling) when he chases the chicken.

Yeah, I didn't catch him saying it, either. I used to watch bowling shows. Ah, the endless sameness of it all.


  1. I wondered what that little building across the road was. Now I know.

    Have you thought of bribing the inspector? It might be cheaper than drilling a new well.

  2. The seller's have to pay for the well. Its a free well to us.

  3. I do believe I was as incorrect as possible with apostrophes in my comment!