What's hot in my little universe

* Laminators (I so love to laminate! I need a bumper sticker.)

* Zumba / Latin dance

* Swim lessons for toddlers

* Women with a gap between their two front teeth

* Male librarians

* Das Kliqué

* Holy Cow! cleaning spray (it'll clean anything!)

* Hairy footed chickens


  1. I am totally into sexy male librarians. Well, librarian.
    We are a dual librarian family.
    With at least 3 other family library connections.

  2. Hello! Glory von Hathor tipped me off to your blog when I asked for fabulous blogs to feature on my own. It is called "Your Blog Is Awesome!" and with your permission I'd love to do a post featuring yours.

  3. (Guilty. Hope you don't mind.)

    Surely that is not a chicken. It is a bunny who got poked in the face too hard.

  4. Rose, I had no idea there were librarians in the audience! I know a few, but not really. I mean, I see them at the library. I was a substitute school librarian yesterday, but I don't think that counts.

    Christina and Glory, of course I don't mind and you have my permission! I am a little embarrassed, in a good way.

  5. It's taken me a while, but the post is up. Thank you!

  6. CD, of course being a substitute school librarian counts! (from a school librarian) We also have CHICKENS in the family! (but no sheep)