Friday Farm Functionals: The amazing things you can receive in the mail

Well, no voting on the type of chicken, because Tender Lovin' Banjo Player and I completely agree on which type we like, The Brahma Chicken:

They lay good eggs, they taste good, and they have super cute feathers on their feet! What more could you want in a chicken?

The question is really about the means of obtaining them.

Did you know that you can order chickens and ducks through the mail? This just blows my mind. I feel like maybe I want to try it, just because I find it so unimaginable. A live animal in the mail? They send a whole bunch together, actually. Minimum order: ten.

Holy cow.

Should we do it?


  1. Unless they're sending them as eggs, that's flumped up. Who knows what could happen to them.

  2. Are the Icelandic sheep on order yet, and do they send THEM through the mail too?

  3. I've changed my mind because I realise that your postal system probably is different to our Royal Mail, where you get all your post in the letter box in your door, but that's assuming an agency worker hasn't stolen it all. Chickens in the post round here could end up in Nigeria quite quickly, like my birthday cheque from my aunt.

  4. The Icelandic sheep are local, and I'm thinking we're going to hold off until spring and look at the youngin's then. No, they don't send sheep through the mail! Chickens are unique, because they don't need to eat or drink the first couple of days of life. They still have their egg whites in them, at that point.

    I'm assuming they'll send them one day mail! And Glory, I don't think they would shove them through the mail slot in a door, although that would be quite cute, if you think about it...

  5. I am terribly disturbed at the tought of mail-order chicks and ducklings.

  6. I would hope they were signed on delivery only. I've been in the post office when someone was sending bees. The girl behind the counter was extremely nervous, but apparently this is not an uncommon way to transport them.

  7. I vote yes on the chickens, no on the ducks. (Read Mr. Flapper's blog. You'll never want a duck again. Still love them, but too much work/needy.)

    I have friends who have a Brahma chicken. She's really cute.

  8. Glory is on the fence, it seems.

    Rose is a yes.

    Gina is a big No!

    Meg is a yes, as long as no ducks are involved.

    Christina: a cautious yes, I think?

    Hm... inconclusive results. Perhaps we'll look around for a local source before mail order.

  9. I just remembered that Gina has actually had chickens, which I think makes her vote worth more. Has anyone else actually raised chics? (Dad, raising four daughters doesn't count.)