Friday functionals: a new series for the mindless minion

Our new rural lifestyle will require some new purchases. What do we need? Well, since we're Americans, we'll need two of everything. But money doesn't grow on trees, so we'll have to do with the bare necessities. It will fall on you, dear fellow minions, to let us know what we need, and what we just want. Every Friday I will feature a new item that we may or may not need for the farm, and it will be your job to tell me if it is truly necessary. Are you ready? I'm posting this on a Thursday in a lame attempt to build suspense.

I can't wait until tomorrow, when I can beseech your wise counsel with alliteration.


  1. Good thing I'm a repressed materialist. My ideas about living on a farm involve a lot of seersucker, pegs and piglets.

  2. As an accomplice to the purchaser of a rather old home (see, I can't be blamed, he bought before we met), I suggest getting used to the idea of being on a first name basis with the staff at Home Depot and Lowes.