*Other people's सतोरिएस: Zgjenyue

Well, sort of my story, too. My friend **Jennifer and I (I have trouble writing "Jennifer" because I have always inexplicably called her "Zgjenyue," but I'll try Jennifer out for size here, for once)-- where was I? I was going to say, we go way back to when we were eleven years old.

We were in gym class, in sixth grade, and we were supposed to run a mile, according to Mr. Robb, our super duper smart gym teacher. Zgjenyue, me, and Gabe were the last to come in. When I say last, I mean the whole class lapped us. The other kids were changing clothes already, and we were just finishing our mile. The three of us had spent the last half mile or so in deep, thought-provoking conversation (don't ask me what we were talking about), strolling along at a leisurely pace. When we reached the finish line, Mr. Robb took the opportunity to yell at us, at length, about what lazy good-for-nothings we were. I think we had taken sixteen minutes to "run" the mile. I remember him saying,

"Sixteen minutes! Sixteen minutes! I could WALK OVER A MILE in SIXTEEN minutes!!!"

He was absolutely turning red. I was completely mortified. How did I lose track of time like that? Until I heard this little snicker beside me.

Jennifer was laughing at him.

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Four hundred years later, we're still friends. Isn't that sweet?

Here's a short film by Jennifer:

I think it's marvelous. Someone suggested that it's a whole new genre, "found film". I agree.

* I realize the title is all messed up, inexplicably, but Zgjenyue is all about the inexplicable, so I'm leaving it.

** I also realized that I totally messed up her name, being inconsistent throughout, but I'm all about inconsistency, so I'm leaving it.

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