Falling off the Ladder

Last night, a huge windstorm swept our area. It ripped to shreds a tarp I was using to make the roof of the turkey coop waterproof. This morning, before going to work, I set about to fix it. The ground wasn't level, and I was careless. Once I reached the top rung of the the ladder, it fell sideways. I stuck to it about half way down, and then sprung off to the side, landing on my feet. I was completely uninjured, but nevertheless had an urge to call BAH at work and say, "I FELL OFF THE LADDER!"
Not I, though. I found firmer ground and finished the job. Those turkeys. I hope they're grateful! I was all shook up.


  1. Turkeys are shamelessly indifferent to the near-death experiences of their keepers! What jerks. :o)