We're getting ready for the sheep! Sheep don't mind the cold, but they do not like to get wet. Because, you know, it makes their fleece shrink and then their ankles show and then they get all embarrassed. It's really untoward. So, we built them this shack over the past week, to keep them dry:
It was only a few days ago, but I cannot recall why we chose a design quite this complicated.
Actually, we had no plan at all. We just did it. It's a lean two. It leans, too.
I really enjoyed building this. I didn't feel like a builder, I felt like an artist. Is that wrong? At a few points, I realized some actual measurements may have helped. Still, it's solid. Really.


  1. Good as Motel 6. Be sure and leave the light on for 'em! :o)

  2. The people selling us the sheep came today and were a bit puzzled. They said the sheep didn't need a shed, but they might like it. Who knows?

    So, I guess we'll wait and see. If they don't like it, we've always wanted a little playhouse out there.

    And the mother-in-law could stay there. ;)