Tonight's Bedtime Story

Little Z requested that tonight's bedtime story include 1. a dragon in the real world and 2. a little boy.
Once, there was a dragon in New York City. He was walking down the street, and he took a deep breath. He wasn't paying close attention, and when he exhaled, he accidentally used his fire breath and set a bookstore on fire! The bookstore burned down.
The New York City police were chasing him! (They knew it was our dragon who burned down the bookstore. He was the only dragon in New York City.) So, he flew up into the air! He thought he had escaped, but the helicopter police chased him. So, he flew up into outer space. Finally, the helicopter ran out of gas, and started falling back to Earth.
The dragon began to feel sorry for the people plummeting towards Earth. He was afraid they would die. So, he saved them. He let them take a ride on his back and landed the police gently down to Earth. They forgave him for burning down the bookstore. [At this point, I almost said, "and they lived happily ever after," but then I remembered number 2: a little boy.]
There was a little boy in New York City who loved to read. It just so happened that the bookstore the dragon accidentally burned down was his favorite bookstore. So, the dragon and the little boy rebuilt the bookstore together. They built it just the same as it was before, only this time there was a whole new section devoted entirely to books about dragons. They lived happily ever after.
Now, go to sleep.


  1. Huh! I thought you'd start it out "Long long ago in a galaxy far far away..."

    Just sayin'....

    Still, a very charming story...

    Well, off to sleep, then....