Hello? Teresa?

Teresa of the Frog Blog and the Frog Applause comic strip seems to have gone missing. Her last post on Gocomics was May22. Her last blog post was also May 22. I've been following Teresa for a couple of years and I've even named a cat after her. In all that time, there have been a few missing comic posts, but always she posted several times on her blog every day. Did she just lose her internet somehow? What's going on? I'm truly worried. Teresa is somewhat of a celebrity to me. I love her comic. This is the last one:
It's very strange, but I love it. It's like an inside joke every day. She's the friend I've never met.
Her blog is a mix of beautiful pictures, strange humor, and unusual news articles. She has sent me a couple of emails. I was delighted. Teresa pretty much convinced me to make this blog public again. Then she was quite happy that I named a cat after her, and posted pictures of Teresa the Cat. So, where is she? What's going on? I hope she's okay. I feel like I have too much emotion about this person I've never met, but I am nevertheless worried about her. I remember long ago, she ran a little article on her blog about unrecognized forms of grief: celebrity grief and pet grief. I'm currently experiencing celebrity concern. Update: She's back!


  1. Teresa's out of town with a family emergency. She had J.C.Duffy pass on that info in the comments section. She's okay but isn't sure how long her absence will be.

    We're all waiting patiently and sending good thoughts her way...

  2. Here's the text of JCD's post:

    I just heard from Teresa. She writes: “Borrowing a computer. Out of town. Family emergency. Kindly let my readers know on FA page. Hope to be back soon with a new FA and blog posts.”

  3. Thanks so much! I was worried. I did scroll through the comments, but missed that.

  4. OMG! Teresa linked this to her blog! Woo hoo! It's so nice to see she's back to her wild shenanogans.