Quote of the Day

"Friends help you move. Good friends help you move bodies." -a coworker, in his retirement speech. This somehow made everyone cry. Maybe you had to be there.
Then he told this story: There used to be a lady here, a teacher who was four foot five, but five foot six when you added her beehive hair [all of the old-timers nodded and said this description was 100% true]. She was a sweet lady who spoke with a nasal voice. The retiree happened to be in her class one day when she had a new student. She beckoned the new boy to come to the front of the room. Now, this was back in the time of "sets theory," and there was a "sets class". So she asked this poor young soul, new to the middle school, "Have you had Sets?" but, because of her nasal voice and the local accent, it sounded just like, "Have you had sex?" The entire room went silent. Every child looked up from her desk, waiting expectantly. The boy looked at his feet and blushed. She asked him again, "Have you had sex?" Still, the class waited. It was the kid's first day at a new school, for the love of God! Finally, he said in a tiny little voice, "Do you mean have I had sex education?" True story.


  1. Oh my God, I would have been mortified!

  2. For some reason there's no image in the post. Don't know if it's my problem or yours?

  3. The image has disappeared along with the body!