Motherhood is Disgusting

Little Z brought home this bag from preschool today. I'm not allowed to look in it. "Breakfast in Bed: Since it is your day, I have something to say. Don't lift your head. Have breakfast in bed. Just take a look... You don't have to cook! I don't like to brag, But it's breakfast in a bag! Happy Mother's Day 2012! [2011 is written over.] Enjoy!"
It's kind of greasy on the outside, a little. I realized when I saw this that: A: Mother's Day is still three days away and B: the idea of eating anything in bed is rather disgusting to me. I mean, I sleep in that bed. Eating is so messy. I have images of egg bits stuck under my armpit in the morning. Also, there's no coffee in that bag. And I'm trying not to eat carbs, and I peaked and it's muffins. But, for the sake of motherhood, I will act really surprised and pretend to enjoy eating stale muffins in bed on Sunday. Maybe I will enjoy myself. Who knows? And then I will change the sheets and vacuum. Happy Mother's Day! [Note the backwards Z in the upper left corner of the bag. I never thought about how much my daughter would have in common with Zorro when I named her.] *********************************************************************************************************************************************************UPDATE: Little Z actually ate my breakfast in bed! What a naughty child. Now what will I complain about?


  1. I think Zelma saved you from those stale, greasy muffins. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. She did! I told her what I really wanted was just to sleep in, so she didn't bother me this morning. It was nice.