Oh, my.

For those who tuned in earlier, I'm sorry. That was quite the rant. I try to steer clear of religion and politics. I can't completely delete the picture, though. Its camp value is too fantastic. I'll just make it small for you, and you can click on it to really see it- if you dare:
{The picture is called, "One Nation Under God". Follow the link to the artist's web site.}


  1. oh but now I'm dying to "know"!

  2. I was feeling really emotional about gay marriage and I blogged about how Jesus really never said anything about it. As though I were an expert on Jesus! Once I cooled off and read it, I thought I sounded really stupid. I think writing blog posts while you're all fired up about something is sort of like grocery shopping when you're hungry: probably not a good idea, because you might go overboard!