Sign of the End Times (a.k.a. paranoia)

Sometimes my apocalyptic paranoia catches up with me. Thursday, a kid threw up at school. It's usually not such a big deal. It happens. Except that this was absolutely the most vomit ever! This kid make the whole eight foot wide hallway a pukatorium! I offered to walk him to the nurse, and then I couldn't figure out how to get past all the puke to get to him to walk him to the nurse. Still, whatever, no big deal.
Then, yesterday, someone drove down the road and stopped by our house. Which is odd. I tried to act nonchalant and ignored them. But after five minutes or so, she still hadn't driven away, so I took a peak around the corner of the house- and there she was. A nice looking woman puking her guts out in front of our house. And maybe I've been reading Zombies Are Magic too much, but I thought, involuntarily I thought this is how the end of humanity begins. They'll think it's just a stomach flu... And then it's the Zombie Apocalypse!


  1. I knew you would say that! I threw up last night, by the way. Yuck! But now I'm all better... or so I believe?