And the award for 'Best Selfies' goes to...

I just recently "liked" Richard Simmons on Facebook. Best move of my life.
"Can you believe it's already October?! Time to start planning our #Halloween costumes....."

"Don't fence me in!"

"Round 'em up cowboy!"

"Beautiful in Blue!"

"Have a happy day! xoxo"

The last one is my favourite. xoxo


  1. Wait... Is Richard Simmons gay? I never realized.

  2. I don't know if he's gay, but he certainly is a flashy dresser! Let's not jump to conclusions, here.

  3. I may have to get in on this following business. If I ever find myself in LA, I'm taking a class at his gym and crossing my fingers for a hug. There, I think I just started a bucket list: Get a hug from Richard Simmons.