It's Tomorrow! Are you coming?

The address is on the sidebar ---------->>>>>>>>>>>>>

P.S. It's difficult to see: The address is 100 South Baldwin Street in Madison, WI. Take the beltline to the John Nolan Drive Exit. Go on through the wacky stuff, Monona Terrace, etc, until you reach East Washington (or East Wash, to locals). Turn right on East Washington. It's a mile maybe and then turn right on South Baldwin. It's on the right. There's parking! Go on up to the third floor- elevator or stairs. It's strange, it's creepy, and then you get to the top and AAH! It's a wonderland! First thing, you are greeted by a gigantic wire cat, which I myself made, and of which I will not post a photo. You must attend! It is unphotographable, because it is see through. All of the other artists are wonderful. Setting up this evening, I had a little imposter syndrome attack, but I calmed down and got to work, and it was all good.

Little Z snapped a photo of me:

Can you see my slight anxiety? But it's all good. So, I'll see you tomorrow evening, then? Good.

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