Mushrooming for Mushrooms' Sake

I went mushrooming over the weekend, but I didn't pick any. I just took pictures.

We already have enough mushroom to eat, so there was no real point in picking them, but I enjoyed the hunt. I'm also still quite shaky in my mushroom knowledge, and picking any would require extensive research before I would actually eat them.

So, I photographed them. The following are my photographs, with an explanation of what I think they probably are.

The first one is most likely Chicken of the Woods. This is the only one I almost picked. It's rumoured to be absolutely delicious. However, I am not well versed on it, and am mostly taking BAH's word for it, which is not actually good enough. I require that we are both absolutely certain of the identification before dining. I like that it grows in our woods, though, especially if it ever lives up to the hype:

The next is a possible Puffball, but too small to be certain:

This one is a pair of brown puff balls. These are good enough to pick, except that we just picked two gigantic ones already:

The next is a puffball gone to spore- most definitely too late to eat:

Nearby is a puffball gone to spore, broken on top so you can actually see the purple spores:

And then, lastly, is this beauty:

I have no idea what it is. :)

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