I've been shopping on line at the Humane Society for a future companion for Little Z, a species she has wished for for quite some time. Her Mallards have flown south, Bon Voyage! And now she's been feeding the fish every day to show us how responsible she is, because she wants one of these creatures:

This is the picture the Humane Society posts when they have not photographed the beasties yet. Some of the beasties have already been photographed, and look like this:

And now you know that she wants a rabbit. But what is up with that first picture? It's the Parrot Billed Chicken Bunny! If only Monty Python were still around.


  1. Not sure if you should tell little Z to, or not to, follow her rabbit down its rabbit hole.

  2. Killer bunny - Ho!

  3. Maybe a dog for little Z?