UFO Days in Belleville

In January of 1987, a bunch of people in Belleville saw a UFO. And now, every year, they celebrate the UFO sightings with a parade the weekend before Halloween. This parade is my favoritest parade ever on Earth.

Part of the fun is in the way people, big and small, dress up to go to the parade.

Local politician Sondy Pope Roberts sported some antenae:

The things you have to do to get elected around here!

The library had the best float:

And then there was this guy, who was just having fun handing out candy. Aliens? UFOs? Whatever.

The Creepiest Thing Award goes to this lady walking around with a gigantic, moving alien puppet on her shoulders:

And Elmo looked a bit concerned, at times, but the aliens were fake. Really.

They reuse this one every year, but I still like it:

Until next year--

Nanoo, nanoo.

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  1. Cool! Zany town, zany parade!

    [beep, boop, whirr]