Things are Looking Up

I tested the PH levels of our soil, and it's 6.5 or 7- perfect for growing hops. Hops are an ingredient in beer, you know. (I'm pretty sure everyone knew that, but you can't be certain.) And we live in Wisconsin, which is home to many breweries. And there is a hops shortage. And everyone is into this sourcing local ingredients movement, to save energy and whatnot. So, you see where I am going with this. Doing the soil test was sort of like waiting for a pregnancy test- all of that anticipation!

It had to be between 6.5 and 8. I'm not sure really what it all means, beyond that. I just know that Secret is strong enough for a man, but PH balanced for a woman! And apparently our soil is PH balanced for a beer plant. What could be better?

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