Art Party

The Tenderfoot Art Show Opening Reception went well! I didn't see any of you there, but according to my stats, half of you are in the Ukraine, so no hard feelings.
I'm the barefoot one.

The accordion player and I got into a long discussion about accordion repair and maintenance, after the show. I took his picture in front of the ship painting. The lighting is all on the art.
The art patrons ranged in age from a few months to nearly a century old.
She bought the rooster!

The band (The Belly Ups) set up right in front of my stuff, and I thought it fitting, somehow. The Belly Ups play a lot of old time country songs, but they play them like rock and roll. And then they play some Cure songs, too. With accordion. They're quite entertaining.
The other artists let me put my Freakin Angry the Cat sculpture in the middle of the room, and everyone seemed to think it was a cage. In retrospect, I should have put a live chicken in the middle. I do have a few live chickens, somewhere around here.

The art is still at the Commonwealth Gallery through Thursday- minus the one rooster picture I sold. So, if you can get over from the Ukraine, you know, check it out.


  1. You really should do a painting of the accordion player in front of your paintings. Art begets art.

  2. Congrats on your sale! You're now a professional artist, not just an amateur anymore. :o)