Different Sorts of Bunnies

Well, I hope Little Z's bunny doesn't turn out to be this sort of bunny, but you never know what the Humane Society is going to *stick you with when you go to rescue an animal:

In some sense, it seems more likely that she will get this sort of bunny:

I say this because of a conversation that we had in the car the other day,

Z: "When I get a bunny, I'm going to get some clothes for my bunny. I've seen the clothes for the dogs at the stores, you know? And if they don't have any clothes for my bunny, I'm going to sew him some."

Me: "Bunnies might need warm sweaters to go outside in wintertime. But, if you take your bunny outside, it might just run away and never come back."

Z: "No, I'll keep him on a leash, so he doesn't run away! And he can eat the grass. And I'll give him a sweater."

I wonder if there are any knitting patterns for bunny sweaters?

* I'm totally kidding about the Humane Society. They always tell you exactly what you're getting into.
** Thanks for the link, Oroboros!

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