Trillium Natural Foods in Mount Horeb is selling our pumpkins! I love it! I was trying to sell them at our house, but the only people who come by are the mailman, the UPS man, and the Fed Ex man. The Fed Ex man bought one. He said,

"You should really get these up in Mount Horeb. They're unique."

So, I asked Becky at the Co-op, and she said okay.

Little Z grew some, too: her sweet pie pumpkins. Not bad for a six year old.

I feel especially comfortable in natural foods markets. I like sweets, and I know they're supposedly bad for you, but I feel like, if I buy my sweets at a health food store, then it's okay. Right?

Anywho, I love growing pumpkins, and now we are actually selling them at a real store. Holy cow! What next?