auditory hallucinations part 2

We have an old telephone that doesn't work very well. If you plug it into a phone line, all of your conversations are scratchy. We've upgraded to the wireless phones recently, and LIttle Z uses our old phone as a toy. It's not connected to a phone line.

The game usually revolves around someone on the other end who is sending Little Z some monkeys with diapers. Little Z usually "answers" the phone (the game begins!) and says a lot of unintelligible things into the phone, but usually one can make out, "guy," "monkey," "diaper," and "Okay, bye!" and then she hands the phone off to me.

I often have a moment, just before I put the phone to my ear, when I'm terrified that I will actually hear a voice at the other end of the nonexistent "line". I think it would be a gruff, masculine voice. Maybe he would even talk to me about the monkeys. Should I ever hear that voice, I don't know if I will scream in terror or simply talk to the man about those long overdue monkeys in diapers.

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