¡Viva México!

I'm going to Mexico! And I couldn't be happier about it!

Tender Lovin' Banjo Player (TLBP) and I have have both always loved Mexican culture: the food, the music, the fiestas, the siestas, did I mention the food? We've gone to Mariachi concerts together and screamed, "¡Viva México!" We've eaten and eaten and eaten. We've tried to take siestas, but somehow, our work places here in the U.S. seem to frown upon that. Yet, neither of us has ever been to Mexico! In less than a week, all that will change. It's about time.

I even spoke Spanish when I was a little kid, but I've forgotten most of it. My friends in preschool were all Spanish speakers, and mi abuelo spoke Spanish, but not so much around me. One of my first memories is actually partially in Spanish. I was at preschool, and we were playing Familia, and this other girl wanted to be mamá en la cocina and I wanted to be mamá en la cocina too, but she kicked me out of the kitchen, and she wouldn't take turns being mamá en la cocina because she thought she was la reina del mundo (hot stuff). Here is a picture of me and my preschool class:

I'm the girl behind that boy wearing all red. Just to my left is Reina del Mundo. I don't really remember what she looked like or anything, but you can just tell that girl thinks she's hot stuff.


  1. Where are you going in Mexico?

  2. Nevermind! I'll read your entries in order from now on. I had a wonderful time in Cabo in 1973. We ran out of money, and while we were staying at a luxurious hotel with individual cabanas that each opened right on the beach, we had to buy canned beans at the store and warm them up for dinner. At the airport I had to sweet talk the bus driver into taking me and my luggage from the international to the domestic terminal for free: I was down to one dime.

  3. Lou, I think I've been to that park with you! Several times!

    Rose, I can imagine running out of money there. We thought it would be cheap because it was Mexico, but it was not cheap. Not exactly expensive, just not cheap. I met a guy there who said he was there around 1973, too, and it was very small! Now it's pretty built up by the seashore, but still small.